Founded in 1983 by Sam Walton, the first Sam’s Club (originally named Sam’s Wholesale Club) was created by one entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs find affordable items for their own small businesses.  Operating under the same profit model as Walmart, Sam’s Club passed along its inventory savings to customers by charging the lowest prices possible on bulk items.  Eventually Sam’s Club allowed the general public to purchase memberships and the warehouse style club began looking for more ways to make shopping convenient for its members.  In addition to offering a huge variety of products to purchase, a Sam’s Club food court is located in all stores offering a variety of food items that customers can enjoy in a casual, picnic style, dining area.

The Sam’s Club food court specializes in providing fast and affordable food for shoppers and their families.  Each food item sold can be eaten in their casual dining area, as you shop, or when you get home.  There are three items found in every Sam’s Club food court throughout the United States; pizza, hot dogs, and fountain sodas.  Pizza can be purchased by the slice, and the large, New York style, slices can be covered in foil (conveniently located in the food court) and taken home.  Large, 16 inch, pizzas can also be purchased as well and eaten in the food court or taken home.  All beef hot dogs are also available with your choice of condiment toppings that are available in the food court, and fountain beverages can be purchased by themselves, or added to a pizza or hot dog to create a combo meal.

The Sam’s Club food court is a great place to stop if you are hungry and in need of a quick meal before or after shopping.  The prices are very affordable making it the ideal place to eat if you are on a budget or otherwise hoping to save money.  The Sam’s Club food court is also the perfect place to find inexpensive pizza’s for your next event, party, or family gathering.  All of the items available in the food court are made fresh daily and adhere to the high quality standards of Sam’s Club.