Costco Wholesale Corporation (commonly known as Costco) is currently the largest membership only warehouse style store in the United States. Founded in 1983, the...

Costco Wholesale Corporation (commonly known as Costco) is currently the largest membership only warehouse style store in the United States. Founded in 1983, the very first Costco was located in Seattle, Washington and the owners hoped to capitalize on the warehouse concept that had started to become popular in the late 1970s. By 1993 Costco agreed to merge with Price Club in order to compete with other warehouse style chain stores.Today Costco is recognized as one of the best places to go to find high quality items inexpensively. Specializing in selling items in bulk, members are able to purchase food and household staples for low prices. Costco also sells a large variety of perishable goods including fresh produce, high quality seafood, and delicious baked goods.

Costco Pizza

Costco pizza is probably one of the most recognized, and best loved, items sold at Costco. While most people know about Costco pizza bcostco-take-and-bakey the slice found at Costco food court many are surprised to find that you can actually order whole pizzas from Costco just like you would with many of the popular pizza chains. In fact there are four different ways you can try Costco pizza.

  1. You can buy whole frozen pizza that is prepared by Costco daily and take it home to bake just the way you like (Frozen Costco Pizzas are typically found near the meat section). If you do this you will have a chance to cook your pizza after you arrive home from your Costco trip or store it in the freezer for another day.

  1. You can also pick out a frozen Costco pizza from your  local Costco store , take it to Costco food court and have them bake it for you while you shop at Costco. After you are done shopping at Costco you can pay for your goods and stop by the food court on the way out to pick up your hot delicious pizza.

  1. If you don’t plan on shopping at Costco but you want to order Costco pizza you can do so by calling your local Costco food court and costco-pizzaplacing an order over the phone so that your pizza is ready when you come pick it up. Alternatively you can drive to your local Costco store and order in person at Costco food court but you will have to wait for your pizza to cook and this typically takes 15-30 minutes.

  1. If you are shopping at Costco and you are craving some pizza you can always stop by the food court and try their pizza by the slice. They are typically already made so you will not need to wait and there is an area where you can sit and enjoy your pizza.

Costco Pizza Prices

Costco pizza prices are typically more affordable then the popular national pizza brands such as Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Dominos.  Known for their huge New York style slices members can enjoy their choice of pizza by the slice for only $1.99 per slice. Available in pepperoni, cheese, and combination it is not uncommon to see two guests sharing one huge slice of pizza. If you are purchasing pizza for your entire family or for a large group, consider ordering one large 18” pizza for just $9.95. Costco pizza cost for large 18″ frozen pizza is $7.99. For more detailed Costco Pizza Prices see below!
-18″ Frozen Costco Cheese Pizza ….$7.99

-18″ Frozen Costco Pepperoni Pizza….$7.99costco-piza-slice

-18″ Frozen Combination Pizza $7.99


-18″ Cooked Costco Cheese Pizza ….$9.95

-18″ Frozen Costco Pepperoni Pizza….$9.95

-18″ Frozen Combination Pizza $9.95

****Costco Combination Pizza ingredients / toppings  : Pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, olives, sauce, and of course cheese****


– Pizza Slice (Cheese, Pepperoni, or Combo ) $1.99


Costco Pizza Order and Delivery

One of the most popular questions we get is How do i place a Costco pizza order and can i order Costco pizza online? Unfortunately Costco pizza online order is not available at this time. The best way to order Costco pizza is to call your local Costco and talk to someone in the food court department. You can find the phone number to you local Costco by CLICKING HIERE. Enter your zip code and you will see all Costco locations in your area.

We also get asked does Costco deliver pizza? Sadly the answer is no , not at this time. There are third parties that may deliver in your area but they are limited to only certain areas. In most cases you will have to pick up your pizza from the store.